World Marathon Majors

Many marathonrunners wants to run the six World Marathon Majors – and amongst them they talk about will there be a 7th and 8th marathon added. And yes there will. There will even be 8 World Marathon Majors. – And Singapore Marathon will be one of the new World Marathon Majors.

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How do you know the will be 9 World Marathon Majors?

Abbott World Marathon Majors made a strategic partnership with Chinese Dalian Wanda Group Co., Ltd. in (April) 2017 for 10 years and wants to grow the marathonsport.

“a ten-year strategic partnership aimed at the continued growth and development of marathon events worldwide.”
“.. with events added in new regions such as Asia (outside Japan) and Africa”.


Reuters wrote “Wanda’s sports division and WMM on Wednesday signed a deal that will see Wanda hold three WMM races in the Asia-Pacific region in the next ten years, including a race in China.”. Want is holding a Chinese marathon back from being added to World Marathon Majors? The pollution in China.

“Hugh Brasher, London Marathon race director, told reporters at the announcement that it may take several years before a Chinese city meets operational criteria to host a marathon event.”

Wanda Group and World Marathon Majors

Wanda Group and World Marathon Majors

The Wanda Group allreaddy owns Singapore Marathon, Auckland Marathon, Hamburg Marathon and Marathon Bordeaux. Of course a Chinse compagny wants a Chinsese marathon amongst the World Marathon Majors and with then Wanda Group allreaddy ownning Singapore Marathon – the biggest marathon in China – it is straightforward to incluce Singapore Marathon in the World Marathon Majors-series.

World Marathon Majors: 3 new races

World Marathon Majors: 3 new races. See World Marathon Majors: 3 new races

— Oh! In June 2017 Wanda Group (Dalian Wanda) purchased Competitor Group (operator of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series).

… Wanda Group also owns IRONMAN brand since August 2015.

World Marathon Majors 6 Star Finisher

Et opslag delt af Ole Toft ( den

The six induvidual #medals from
* Chicago Marathon
* Boston Marathon
* New York City Marathon
* London Marathon
* Berlin Marathon
* Tokyo Marathon – and The 6StarFinisher medal from World Marathon Majors 😆

… and yes. I am an Abbott World Marathon Majors six star finisher