My bikes

My bicycle history

Beging a Dane I have had several bikes already in my childhood. How many I do not know. I probably startet riding at age 3 – on my own bike of course – but it was a second hand bike.

The first new bicycle I got was a present for my 5 year old birthday. It was light blue from the Danish bicycle factory: SCO. At that time it was an independent bicycle company in my hometown Odense (the bike did not have any gears) I looved that bike!

I think I had one or mayby two bikes before I got a new bike as a confirmation gift. That bike was aslo from SCO and was black with purple markings. A really awsome bike with 5 gears. I was flying! Sadly it was stole after some years.

I bought two new bikes not that long time a part, but this was around that time I got my driving license and some months later I bought my first car. After that I did not cycle. I think I had those more that 6 years not using any of them once. Then I throw them out.

Black MBK 7 gears

Photo: Black MBK 7 gears

5th March 2008 I once again bought a bike. A black MBK with 7 gears. I did not ride it 500 km. within that first year, but 11 mouths after I bought that bike I startet cycling on it every day.

Red MBK Cheyenne

>Photo: Red MBK Cheyenne

In April 2009 I bought a nother bike – a red MBK Cheyenne with 7 gears.

In July 2009 I bought my first ever road bike (racing bike). It was a Principia Evolution with aluminum frame.

Specialized S-works Tarmac SL3

Photo: Specialized S-works Tarmac SL3

My first super bike: A carbon racer: Specialized S-works Tarmac SL3. -This bike was destroyed when I got hit on a short transportation ride.

In 2011 I bought my first ever time trial bike – it was with a red and white carbon frame. Sadly I on Lanzarote in 2015 and the bike died.

Argon16 E112 timetrial bike

Photo: Argon16 E112 timetrial bike

Cannondale CAADX Tiagra 2017 Cyclocross Bike

Photo: Cannondale CAADX Tiagra 2017 Cyclocross Bike

Getting ready to start winter-cycling i 2016 with a Cannondale Cyclocross Bike. Not because I am to do cyclecross racing but because there are so many potholes, speed bump and bad roads in Odense. I need a cyclecross bike to get around in the city without breaking the bike or cycle so slow I fall over because of no balance.