Marathon running

I do not recall ever having beeing facinated by marathons growing up. It just appered to be to far… and then again, I did not run at all. Not even after the bus and not even when I turned 30 I considered running.

Eventually in 2009 I did start running and about half a year later I ran my first halfmarathon and had such a great time running I the next day decided I had to try a marathon. I think it was that same day I decided to run six marathons (Marathon Hamburg, Chicago Marathon, Boston Marathon, Berlin Marathon, New York City Marathon and London Marathon).

Marathons - thats cute

My first ever marathon

I ran my first ever marathon in Hamburg, Germany on 25th April 2010. And I qualifed for Boston Marathon. I had a hope that I could run sub 3 hours, but sadly I got a bad stomach and had to stop at the Port-A-Johns (Dixi) twice. When I finally finished the 42.195 km. the time was 3:06:30.

The Boston Marathon

About a year later on 18th April 2011 I ran the 115. Boston Marathon setting a new personal best in 3:03:18. This made me qualify for Boston Marathon yet again, but had decided not to run that marathon again. Sadly I will never be that fast a runner again do to injuries, laziness and other goals.

Marathon Maniacs

Marathon Maniac – level 10 aka Titanium

I first heard about the Marathon Maniacs doing a marathon 6th. June 2017 and found out that I could become a level 10 (Titanium) member from that day (because I had run more than 52 marathons in less than 365 days).

David Mitchell’s Soapbox on marathon

Marathon Globetrotter

In 2017 I became a member of Marathon Globetrotters for having run marathons (ultrarun and ironman triathlons) in more than 10 different contries.

  • Marathon Hamburg (2010)
  • Chicago Marathon (2010)
  • Boston Marathon (2011)
  • New York City Marathon (2011)
  • London Marathon (2013)
  • Berlin Marathon (2015)
  • In Denmark (about 100 since 2015)
  • Utrecht Science Park Marathon (2017)
  • Vienna City Marathon (2017)
  • Prague Marathon (2017)
  • Riga Marathon (2017)
  • Helsingborg Marathon (2017)

Klub 100 marathon Danmark

July 3, 2017 I ran my marathon number 99 and 100 and became a member of Klub 100 maraton Danmark a club for people who have finished at least 100 marathons. My marathon number 100 was also my marathon #59 in 2017.

The most marathons I have ever run in one month is 15. It was in June 2017.