Some facts about Denmark and the lifestyle of Danes.

I an born and live in Denmark a tiny, strange country… so I understand when I travel the Earth and watch outsiders looking at Denmark and Danes.

Cycling and walking

All Danes learns to ride a bicycle when we are 3 years old. And we use a bike to daily transport. Visiting frinds, playing, shopping, comuting to work, school etc.

Black MBK 7 gears

My first bike bought after I got a car

The cabinet ministers all have a “ministerbil” a car with a chauffeur they can use. But often you will se miniters ride their bike in Copenhagen. And yes, the Danish Crown prince cycles… and have completed Ironman Copenhagen.

To ride a bike in Denmark is not so much a part of the culture, it is part of life. Because everybody ride a bike. Cycling in Denmark is nothing special and not subculture.

Danish geography

Geographically, Denmark is relatively flat with no mountains to climb, its highest point being no more than 173 metres above sea level.

Himmelbjerget 147 m Denmark

Himmelbjerget 147 m was a long time believed to be the heighest point in Denmark

Denmark does not have any mountains, no desert, rainforest. Nowhere in Denmark has more than 60 km to the sea.

Kids Gone Wild: Denmark’s Forest Kindergartens

Children are running wild in the mud, climbing high into trees and playing with knives, but no one is telling them off. Dateline follows life at kindergarten… Danish-style.

SBS Dateline Australia aired this video about Danish pre-school kids. Kids Gone Wild February 23, 2016.

While this – including you kids handling knives – are perfectly fine for Danes guns on the other hand are rare in Denmark. Very rare. Danes do not own handguns. About 30.000 Danes are shooting in clubs.

Danes does everything in clubs or groups

Danes have clubs for everything. If 3 Danes – not related – do stuff together reguarly we make a club. – Or atleast talk and act like we have a club i.e. make up a name.

I myself are member of a dartclub with 3 members and a swimmingclub with 4 members.

Danish sport

Danish stamps from 2016 celebrating “people sport”

2016 Danish sport stamps

Danish people sport stamps i.e. not elite events

By far the biggest organised sport in Denmark are football wich has almost double the participents as number two: Swimming (indoor in pools). Gymnastics are third, then golf and handball (a Danish invention).

Somewhat odd badminton are the sixth biggest sport in Denmark. Denmark are domination badminton in Europe winning 4 of 5 gold medals in European championships. (I played badminton in my early teens).

I have taken part in 3 of these sporting events.


Apparently Denmark and Danish is the only language with “hygge”. It is so integrated part of social Danish lifestyle it always boggles me that it is not used around the world.

Hygge in short:
To “hygge” you have to be more than one. But you can hygge with a cat or other pet. But we normally hygge with other people.

The light has to be dimmed. Very bright light is not hyggeligt.
You can listen to music and hygge, but not load music and not heazy metal or techno.

Very often we hygge with food or beverage (hot chokolate, tea, even beer. But with too much alcohol the hygge will disappear.

“Hygge” is a cozy feeling.

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Please note that this video is made by visiting Copenhagen. Living in Denmark I do not feel, that Copenhagen is Denmark. I see more differences between “my Denmark” and Copenhagen than similarities.